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Cascade Engineering



Cascade Engineering
provides products for the treatment of wash water and other industrial process waters. The treated water is normally recycled back to the process but can be discharged if desired. Equipment available includes closed loop recycle and partial recycle systems and related accessories. Custom modifications and designs and related engineering services are available.

WRS WATER RECYCLE SYSTEMS are designed specifically for recycling washwater from pressure washers and similar washing operations. These systems operate automatically and utilize reagents similar to those commonly used in drinking water treatment to produce clear and odor free water.

WFS WATER FILTER SYSTEMS are designed for brush type car, truck and bus washing operations, which require higher volumes of water. The water quality is better than normally achieved by “filter/coalescing plate?systems.

We believe that the WRS and WFS recycle systems are the best wash water recycle systems available today, and strive to maintain that status. The recycle systems have been designed with ease of installation, operation, and maintenance as primary goals.

Our Oily Water Separators accessories, and custom equipment are designed with similar goals to insure reliable operation. We are also committed to providing the service needed to market and maintain these systems. We feel that service is of prime importance for successful water recycle systems operation.


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